The forerunner of safe, economic and efficient biological feed materials

  • Who we are?

    WLT is a National High-tech Enterprise, professionally engaged in R & D and production of high-grade biological feed ingredients and mainly produce biological pre-digestion products.

  • Why choose us?

    At present, Anhui wuliangtai company has 358 employees, 1 national "planning talent", 1 Anhui provincial "115 industrial innovation team" leader, 9 doctors and masters, 15 senior high school professional and technical personnel, 73 engineering and technical personnel with college degree or above, and 26 scientific and technical personnel directly engaged in technology research and development, accounting for more than 15% of the total number of employees.

  • Mission & Vision

    "Hard work, innovation, responsibility and learning" introduces new technologies and new products of modern nutrition into animal nutrition and feed, so as to be the forerunner of safe, efficient, economic, nutritional and functional feed biological raw materials. Development carries hope, technology leads the future, treatment condenses talents, and platform gathers elites

  • Strength

    We will base on feed ingredients, designed for biological fermentation and emulsion, introduce the new technology and new products of human nutrition to animal nutrition, develop to be a safe, economic and efficient forerunner of biological feed ingredients.


Specializing in the development of high-grade feed biological ingredients

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